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The lasting impact of this Comprehensive Plan will be determined by how effectively its policies and actions are implemented. This chapter provides a guide for the City and its partners to carry out the Plan over time. Due to capacity and funding constraints, prioritizing actions to achieve maximum impact will be critical. The guiding principles defined in Chapter 2 should be used as benchmarks to determine priorities (see sidebar).

As the “road map” for Lancaster City’s future, the Comprehensive Plan should be used to guide decisions on annual budgets and work programs, capital investments, development review and approval, and City initiatives. Its maps should be consulted when making decisions about proposed development and transportation improvements. It should be referenced as the “umbrella plan” to ensure that more detailed plans, programs, and projects are consistent with its policies and actions. It should be used by the City administration and departments to align strategic planning, decision-making, management, and operations. It should also be used to build partnerships and leverage outside resources for implementation. In short, the Comprehensive Plan should be a living, working resource and instrument for protecting Lancaster’s strengths, for improving the quality of life for all current and future residents, and for addressing the impacts of climate change through responsible future land use and development.