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Implementing the Comprehensive Plan

Adoption of the Comprehensive Plan alone will not result in immediate change. Rather, it is the consistent implementation of the Plan through future actions and operating procedures that will bring about success. The Plan’s recommendations include a range of strategies. These strategies will need to be integrated into the day-to-day operations and organizational capacity of the City. Where deficiencies exist or additional direction is needed, further study or outside support may need to be pursued. 

On an annual basis, it is recommended that City Staff, the Planning Commission, and/or organizational partners meet to report on the completion of tasks, set intentions for additional implementation efforts, and identify any areas in need of updating. 

City leaders and decision makers also should work to ensure that municipal resources are allocated in a manner supportive of the Plan’s implementation. This includes requiring capital improvement plans and budget requests to align with the policies of the Plan. It also includes aligning zoning with the Plan and ensuring that land development decisions support the Plan and its policies.

Lancaster’s vision cannot be realized by the City’s efforts alone. In carrying out the policies and actions of this Plan, the City should regularly communicate and collaborate with the public, the private sector, non-profit organizations, and local and regional partners. Chapter 6: Implementation, includes an Action Table with short-, mid-, and long-term actions, which should be tracked over time. The table should be periodically updated as actions are completed, and new actions are added.