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This Comprehensive Plan is organized around five overarching systems:

  1. Strengthening Neighborhoods 
  2. Expanding Economic Opportunity
  3. Connecting People & Places
  4. Growing Greener
  5. Building Community & Capacity 

A vision statement for each system is provided in this chapter, followed by background information to set the context. This is followed by a series of “elements” that relate to the broader topic. A community development objective is provided for each element. There are 19 community development objectives in total.

Policies and actions for each community development objective are included.

  • Policies are statements of principles or approach. They typically start with a verb, which indicates whether they are mandatory or advisory (e.g., “Require” vs “Encourage”). The use of advisory policies is important to maintain flexibility and balance competing objectives. The Comprehensive Plan does not predetermine every City decision. Rather, it is intended to guide the decision-making process. 
  • Actions are specific programs, investments, partnerships, plans, or regulations needed to carry out the policies. They may be short-term, mid-term, or long-term, with timeframes ranging from immediate to 10 years (see Action Table, Chapter 6).

The policies and actions are not mutually exclusive and are often interconnected with one another. For example, improving the safety of our streets can help drive business success and job creation. Over time, the policies and actions should reinforce common goals and create a community that aligns with the feedback provided during the community engagement process.