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Foundational Studies & Reports

The Comprehensive Plan reflects the community’s voice while responding to technical data on community needs and trends. Summaries of community engagement provide important context for this Plan and are included as appendices. Several studies and reports providing data and analysis on existing conditions are also included as appendices. 

The appendices are formatted as separate files and are listed below:

  • Lancaster Today Report: A robust existing conditions report on Lancaster City that covers a breadth of topics from transportation and housing to City services and equity. 
  • Economic & Real Estate Analysis: A detailed analysis of Lancaster City’s economy, housing market, and land use.
  • Community Engagement Plan: The guiding document for community engagement during the Comprehensive Plan process. 
  • Deliberative Forum Report: A summary of an innovative and intensive public engagement process completed in partnership with F&M’s Center for Opinion Research and Center for Sustained Engagement.
  • Integrating Climate Action into the Lancaster City Comprehensive Plan: A summary of four engagement events with English and Spanish speakers about climate change solutions that could be used in the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Final Engagement Report: A summary of the entire community engagement process, strategies, goals, results, and a description of who was engaged.